Taste the ancestral rituals and plunge into a universe of well-being: “L’Eden de l’orient (The Eden of the East)


The desire to pass on, the pleasures of well-being.

Julie and Laure grew up in family where oriental beauty rituals are sacred. These ancestral secrets are revealed at every stage of their lives, in the same way confidences are passed down from mother to daughter: they capture femininity through scent, texture and gesture from somewhere else.

Wishing to share the benefits of these traditional delights, Julie and Laure decide to provide them with a home: “L’Eden de l’orient” (The Eden of the East). In the heart of Paris, they create a palace where well-being is of the up most importance. Push the doors of this little paradise and be transported into a universe, ready to discover a new definition of epicureanism.

With respect to authentic rituals, “L’Eden de l’orient” (The Eden of the East) provides a selection of treatments based on natural products with many virtues: rose, rhassoul, black soap or argan oil. Exotic stopovers, where fruits and flowers deepen the virtues.

At “’Eden de l’Orient” (The Eden of the East), the moment is savored, the spirit escapes and the body can find itself.