Taste the ancestral rituals and plunge into a universe of well-being: “L’Eden de l’orient (The Eden of the East)


Body Massage Treatments

Be carried away by our body care and discover toned, nourished and silky skin. A relaxing moment that combines technical movements with the enriching properties of natural active ingredients.

Californian Massage Both gentle and stimulating for circulation, the Californian Massage relaxes muscles, eliminates tension and gives the body a soothing energy. A delicate addition for a moment lost in time. 85.00 € / 55 mnMAKE AN APPOINTMENT
Energizing Massage The Energizing Massage brings balance back to the body and mind by toning the muscles and stretching the limbs. Through a succession of firm and fluid movements, this massage restores the skin's elasticity and encourages cell renewal.90.00 € / 55 mnMAKE AN APPOINTMENT
Detoxifying Massage The ultimate wellness break, the Detoxifying Massage combines a treatment that releases toxins and brings comfort and suppleness to the skin. This massage awakens the senses, stimulates oxygenation and invites revitalizing relaxation.90.00 € / 55 mnMAKE AN APPOINTMENT
Stimulating toning massage To activate blood circulation, to untie tensions and reinforce muscles: The Stimulating Toning Massage is a massage which focuses on specific points and restores the body’s flexibility, firmness and vitality.90.00 € / 55 mnMAKE AN APPOINTMENT
Pre-natal massage To enjoy the last moments before the baby arrives, the prenatal Massage takes care of future mothers by offering them care which is adapted to pregnancy. In a soothing setting, this massage with moisturizing and relaxing virtues will leave the body rested and the limbs relaxed. A break of wellbeing just before welcoming the happy event.110.00 € / 55 mnMAKE AN APPOINTMENT

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