Taste the ancestral rituals and plunge into a universe of well-being: “L’Eden de l’orient (The Eden of the East)



An ancestral ritual with multiple virtues, the Hammam is a ceremony. An invitation to oriental beauty, take a moment to renew your energies. Our three Hammam rooms for you to enjoy a moment of complete peace.

Hammam and purifying scrub with beldi black soap and Kessa glove An ancestral natural exfoliant, beldi black soap is made from black olives which contain highly purifying properties. Used as a scrub, it removes all dead skin while nourishing the skin at the same time. 60.00 € / 45 minMAKE AN APPOINTMENT
Hammam and toning sea salt scrubs Sea salts bring a touch of vitality to this gentle treatment. Toning and purifying, this ritual leaves the skin feeling fresh and light.60.00 € / 45 minMAKE AN APPOINTMENT
Hammam and purifying scrub with black soap and Kessa glove + ghassoul mask (natural mineral clay) This traditional ritual provides complete regeneration for the body: steam from the hammam cleans the pores, the black soap cleanses the skin and gives it a satin effect and the ghassoul masks brings brightness and light to the face.75.00 € / 60 minMAKE AN APPOINTMENT

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