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Our Rituals

The scents are revealed, and the senses awaken at every stage of our signature rituals. Married, bridesmaids or mothers-to-be, choose a ritual that will make your experience an exceptional moment.

Oriental luxury: Half day 4h/3h30 (single/duo)

- 60mn hammam and sea salt scrub, natural clay mask,

- 25-minute bath with rose petals,

- 55 min/80 min Californian massage

- Tea tasting with Moroccan pastries


A dive into the most exquisite things the Orient has to offer: a beauty odyssey between the strength of minerals, the delicate nature of roses and relaxation as a state of mind.
Simple 3h30 350 € / Duo 695 €

Simple 4h 395 € / Duo 780 €

Brides and Bridesmaid

- 1-hour hammam and black soap scrub with kessa glove and ghassoul mask (natural mineral clay) for the bride

- 1-hour hammam and black soap scrub with kessa glove and ghassoul mask for the bridesmaid

- Tea tasting a with Moroccan pastries

- 55 min/30 min Californian massage with hot oils for the bride

- A complementary candle for the bride

To celebrate the big day, get together in small groups for a moment of delight: hammam, scrub and special treatment for the bride to be.
180 € / 160 € Bride

90 € Bridesmaids

The bride's bath:

- 1 hour of hammam and scrub with beldi black soap + rose clay mask for the bride

- 55 min Relaxing and soothing massage with hot oils

- 50 min beautifying facial massage "Five Flower Ritual"

- 20 min Rose petal bath

Inspired by the ritual which consists in preparing oriental brides, the bride's bath will beautify the bride with a hot oil massage and rose treatments.

A trip to the East:

- 1-hour hammam and black soap scrub with kessa glove and mask ghassoul (natural mineral clay) + 20 minutes of oriental bath with rose petals + 55 min M'SSID massage or 55 min Californian massage

A traditional stopover where you will find the essentials of oriental well-being, the Journey to the East is accompanied by a signature Eden of the East massage or a Californian massage for a more invigorating experience.
175.00 € / 135 minMAKE AN APPOINTMENT
"Pre-Natal Care"

An exclusive care program for a beautiful mother.

- 30 min sea salt scrub

- 55 min "Pre Natale" massage with vegetable oils

- 50 min "Five Flower Ritual" sublimating facial massage treatment

Specially designed to meet the needs of expecting mothers, this ritual offers a series of treatments with relaxing benefits to bring serenity and vitality before the baby’s.
255.00 € / 150 minMAKE AN APPOINTMENT
The ceremonial bath:

25 mn oriental bath with rose petals and regenerating essential oils + 55mn of Californian massage / tonic massage

The ceremonial bath seduces with its rose petal bath and essential oils followed by a Californian massage that will awaken the senses and bring tonicity to the body.
120.00 € / 80 minMAKE AN APPOINTMENT

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