When the senses awaken, beauty is revealed


Specific Massage

Inspired by different techniques from here and elsewhere, our massages take body and mind on a journey. Soft, dynamic or on certain zones, their virtues will fulfill all your wishes.

Choice of relaxing massages (back and leg, or face and scalp) By focusing on certain parts of the body the relaxing massage brings real targeted relief and instant well-being. Soft movements relax muscles, soothe tension and provide a feeling of vitality.45.00 € / 30 minMAKE AN APPOINTMENT
Anti-cellulite massage: rolled palpation The anti-Cellulite Massage is a hand massage using the rolled palpation technique. The cells are stimulated in depth by dynamic movements that restore the skin's elasticity and firmness. The silhouette is sculpted, sheathed and harmonious.55.00 € / 30 minMAKE AN APPOINTMENT
Plantar relaxation An ancestral ritual with multiple virtues, plantar relaxation exerts pressure points on the entire foot to release tensions throughout the body. Allowing for better blood circulation, this massage brings new vitality, restores energy and soothes heavy legs.45.00 € / 30 minMAKE AN APPOINTMENT
Signature Massage “'Eden de l'Orient” (The Eden of the East) M'SSID Massage: Plant and warm argan oil pouches A signature massage from “'Eden de L'orient” (The Eden of the East), M'SSID uses plant-based pouches which contain many virtues. Warm argan oil penetrates the tissues to gently relax all muscles. The ultimate oriental addition, M'SSID transports the mind and provides a journey for the senses.95.00 € / 55 minMAKE AN APPOINTMENT

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